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Sourdough recipes, my equipment recommendations, sourdough techniques explained, troubleshooting tips and my sourdough blog.

Sourdough starter

To make sourdough bread, first, you’ll need to make a starter by mixing flour with water, leaving it for 24 hours, removing a portion and feeding it with fresh flour and water. The feeding process is repeated each day and after a while, the starter becomes a levain that’s strong enough to raise bread. A portion of the starter is removed and used to make bread, while the rest is retained and fed.

A sourdough starter will last forever if correctly maintained. It’ll take 7-14 days of regular feedings to develop enough natural yeasts in order to use your starter. You can view my basic sourdough starter recipe to get exact measurements and timings.

What to do with a sourdough starter?

Here are a collection of tips and tricks used to make the perfect sourdough starter. Explore what a real starter should look like it, some best tips for maintaining a starter and plenty more!!

Sourdough bread recipes

Here’s a selection of recipes that you can make with your sourdough starter. If you are just starting out, try my sourdough bread recipe for beginner’s first.

Equipment list for making sourdough bread

You can make sourdough bread with the equipment and utensils already in your kitchen but getting some basic tools will no doubt make things easier and more consistent.

Here’s a list of the bits I use, I’ve included links to these recommended products on Amazon if you want to check them out. If you buy through the links I’ll receive a commission which I really appreciate – and won’t cost you a penny more!

Scales – Weighing in grams is essential for controlling consistency

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Banneton bread proofing basket – Used in proofing so the bread holds its shape

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Bakers lame – Using a lame to score bread is more accurate and rewarding than a knife

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For more equipment take a look at my sourdough baking equipment recommendations.