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How To Control Temperature When Making Bread

If you’ve clicked on this page I’m guessing you’re aware that temperature is a baker’s secret ingredient, if not – Surprise! The reason for this is that temp…

Can I Make Bread Without Rising Twice?

Some bread recipes instruct you to shape the dough right after kneading, but not many. A first rise or “bulk fermentation” is often inserted before shaping, …

How To Add Flavour To Bread Dough

If you are looking to add flavour to bread without changing your recipe, I have loads of suggestions in this article! In an older article, how to make bread …

Bread Improvers And Dough Conditioners: A Guide

There are many additives used in commercial bread making with many scary names you might have read on the label. But, they are not as scary as they sound! Br…

Does Dough Go Bad In The Fridge?

If you’ve made a batch of bread dough and don’t feel like baking it today (or all of it), you might consider storing it in the fridge until you’re ready. But…

Does Sourdough Bread Make You Fart?

Sourdough bread is known for its health benefits such as boosting immunity, improving digestion, and weight loss. Fermented foods have never gone out of styl…

Why Does My Sourdough Bread Smell Like Alcohol?

If your sourdough bread stinks of alcohol after it’s baked, it’s probably because your sourdough starter needs some attention. In this article, we’re going t…

How To Make Sourdough With A Soft Crust – 12 Ideas

Sourdough is the oldest type of bread and remains massively popular today. I doubt a super soft crust was significantly important to its early adopters. With…

The History Of The Croissant

Few foods are as culturally iconic as the croissant. This satisfying and crunchy breakfast food is stereotypically French. But do you know that the history o…

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