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All the steps you need to get started and perfect your first bread. Follow the beginners recipe and use the articles below to improve your skills and knowledge. Watch your baking skills improve along this journey and make bread to impress!

Learn The Basics Of Making Bread Before You Get Started. This Is A Simple Introduction To Bread Baking At Home.

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Learn the stages of bread making. Here are the 15 stages of bread making. Learn the kneading, dividing, bulk fermentation stages + links for more info!!

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How to make bread recipe

How to Make Bread – A Beginners Bread Recipe

The Beginner’s Bread Recipe That Shows You How To Make Bread. Step By Step Instructions Which Links To Unique Articles To Learn More About The Techniques Used.

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Visit my recommended equipment page to see the best baking tools to make bread at home!

The stages of bread making

Are you looking to learn how to make bread? With the vast amounts of information available on Internet forums I know it can sound like a hard task sometimes. Especially if you’re hearing about temperature, rest time, over spring, autolyse etc for the first time...
...Baking bread can easily sound like a minefield that’s best left for the professionals.

But while there is an element of chemistry to baking, fantastic bread can be made without having to know everything.
Learning a simple bread recipe is easy. After you have cracked recipe number one, then two, then three, you may want to learn the advanced stuff.

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To use the page, start of with the introduction to bread baking and the stages of of making bread articles at the top of the page. Once you've read these, you can move through all of the posts. Alternatively, select a subject you wish to explore in detail as and when you feel you need to.

Selecting a levain


How to knead dough

Bulk Fermentation

Final Proof

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Scoring bread

Oven Spring - Baking

Essential tips & troubleshooting

How The The Amount Of Water In A Dough Impacts The Quality Of The Bread. How To Achieve The Perfect Dough Hydration And How To Change The Amount Of Water Used.

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How To Repair Your Electric Oven Problems. Let’s look at fixing your temperature problems and how to replace an oven element.

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What Should You Do If You Put Too Much Yeast In Bread? In this post, I’ll explain what to do if you add too much yeast in your bread, and why it works.

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How To Fix A Mouldy Sourdough Starter And Revive A Mouldy Sourdough Starter So Your Sourdough Starter Will Become Active Again.

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Understand The 13 Reasons Why My Bread Didn’t Rise And How To Fix Them So You Can Make Totally Awesome Bread Every Time. Together, Let’s Get Bread Proofing!

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A Full Guide On How Bakers Percentages & Bakers Formula Work To Create Dough Recipes

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Made Bread Too Dense? What causes dense bread and how to fix many common bread problems. The most likely reason for dense bread is not kneading the dough…

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What makes bread have an excellent crusty crust? Here are a few tricks to creating the perfect crust, read on to learn more.

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Wondering how you can pass an interview for a bread baking position? How you can find a role as a bread baker or want to learn how to bake bread at home?

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Is it a good idea to add extra flour when baking bread? It’s a trick I was taught when I was learning to bake, but is it a good thing to do?

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How much yeast is right to add to a bread recipe? Is it a good idea to change the amount of yeast in my dough and should I put less yeast in my bread?

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Are You Having Inconsistencies When Baking Bread In Your Oven? Well, Read On To Learn How To Stop Baking Oven Issues.

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