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Hi, I’m Gareth, an artisan bread baker! I'm here to teach you how it's possible to create special breads yourself. 

Whether it’s for work, to show off at dinner parties or to feed your family with fresh nutritious baked bread every day, I’m here to show you how to bake.

Baking bread is my passion, love and obsession. I've spent years in the trade in managing, baking and recipe creation. 

Take a look at the learn to bake blog posts to find the answer to your most wanted questions and consider the online bakery course if you want to progress your bread baking skills to the next level.

Gareth Busby

Artisan Bread Baking

Baking bread like an artisan means adopting traditional techniques and ingredients to craft perfect bread.

There are many artisan bakeries around these days which sell breads like sourdoughs, ciabatta's and baguettes. 

These bread look amazing and are far more superior to the equivalents found in the supermarkets. For bread to be of artisan quality the taste, texture and aroma are all expected to be perfect.

By using alternative methods in handling the dough and selecting some of the finest ingredients, artisan bakers create bread that is far superior to anything else found locally.

Definition of artisan in English:

Pronunciation /ɑːtɪˈzan//ˈɑːtɪzan/

"A worker in a skilled trade, especially one that involves making things by hand."

‘street markets where local artisans display handwoven textiles, painted ceramics, and leather goods’

 "as modifier (of food or drink) made in a traditional or non-mechanised way using high-quality ingredients."
‘Britain's artisan cheeses’
‘the growing appreciation of artisan foods’

Artisan bakers reject the use of improvers or chemically based additives. Instead they base their recipes on using the same equipment and ingredients found at home.

Which is why anyone can follow artisan recipes to create superior bread quality in their own kitchen. 

It doesn't have to be complicated, or expensive.

By learning a few simple techniques and a little bit of advice to select cost effective ingredients home bakers can utilise artisan baking skills taught here to rapidly improve their home baked products.

History Of Busby's Bakery

Original bakery logo

Busby’s was originally an artisan bakery cafe founded by Gareth Busby in 2014. Based in West Sussex, UK, his breads gained strong regional recognition and a vocal tribe of followers came regularly to purchase some of the highly regarded products. Just as things were taking off for Busby's, the business had to close prematurely the following year.

Undeterred in his search for producing artisan bread, Gareth took existing supply contracts and developed another Busby’s (mach 2) to serve restaurants, cafes, shops and attending local farmers markets alongside. 

Gareth's experience in artisan bread and ability to develop new bread recipes made him recognised (albeit locally) as a bread pioneer. Passionate about sharing his knowledge with others he took some free time to start the online school. He wanted to teach others how easy it is to bake artisan bread and make it affordable for anyone who wants to learn the art. 

Whether you're a long time home baker, a complete beginner or a professional baker, Gareth will be able to improve your bread baking skills. All bakery students are taken through step by step tutorials, adding in new techniques once basic skills become learned.

If you're not looking for a course then perhaps you'll find great advice from the bakers blog, it's packed full of year of experience and know-how!

The smell of bread freshly baked combines the calmness of dough proving slowly in baskets

(a perfect morning)

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Artisan Bread Baking School

Busby’s Bakery School has an aim to make quality bread baking easy and affordable. There’s no need to spend a week, or even a weekend at a pricey course, despite there often rural charm! You can learn all the skills you will ever need at home in your time. All recipes use the real ingredients and techniques that Gareth used in his own artisan bakery.

There’s no simplification of the recipes to make them faster whilst less exciting. These recipes and methods you’ll learn in the course are the real deal, plus you'll get advise on how to fit them into a busy working life or if professional, a daily production run.

As a member of the bakery school you'll learn:

  • How to make the perfect Sourdough- packed full of flavour
  • Italian baking techniques including amazing traditional recipes such as Focaccia, Ciabatta & Pane Cassericio
  • A whole video training devoted to the Baguette!
  • Traditional British breads like Farmhouse, Cobs, Spelt & Baps
  • The mentality and skills of French bakers and recipes for producing Pain de Campagne, Pain Rustique & Brioche

    PLUS loads more recipes & training in moulding, scaling, the cut, the mixing process....

    You don't just learn recipes, you learn how to become a true artisan baker. You'll know what happens at every stage of the bread making process. You'll know what equipment to upgrade your home or professional baking too. Everything you'll every need to know about bread baking! 

Press Releases:

The only bread baking course you will ever need!

Join Busby’s Baking School by signing up to the How To Bake Artisan Bread course. Members get full access to step by step training videos which share recipes, methods and theory training. Suitable for beginners to advanced. 

Currently the bakery course is being recorded, enter your email address to receive an early-bird discount when it launches. If you’d like to find out more about the baking course, take a look at the full course info here. 

Master Baker Gareth Busby

"The techniques used by artisan bakers across the world do not get shared...

 ...in celebrity bakers recipe books, neither can they be found on YouTube - They don't want to lose their REAL secrets. But, I'm giving them all to you. Whether you're already in a commercial bakery or want to bake some fresh treats for your home - I'll teach you how to bake bread the right way!"

Gareth Busby  // Master Baker & Coach