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Welcome to Busby's Bakery, the best place to learn how to make bread on the net. Plenty of recipes, tutorials, free bread making courses, videos and baking theory to help you to make quality bread. 

Discover modern and traditional bread recipes from across the world. Recipe skill level from beginner to professional artisan baker, for those that like a challenge.

Problems with the quality of your bread? Try the troubleshoot area to find out what your issue is, and the best way to make the bread you intended to.

For the seasoned pro or the more curious. The knowledge hub shares advanced bread baking theory, plus interesting articles around the history and bread culture. 

Hi, I'm Gareth.

It was 2005 when I first entered a bakery as a shy teenager, not at all knowing what it was all about. At the time, it saw baking bread  as just a job, though soon I caught the baking bug for good and have stayed in the bread baking industry in some format since then.

Many say that I'm good, the breads "the best they've ever tasted", I don't know about that. What I am sure of is how to make bread and I started this site in 2018 to show everyday people how to bake professional quality bread at home.

I love all your feedback, good and bad so feel free to drop me an email to let me know how we are doing at Busby's Bakery School. See about me.

Get started in bread baking course for beginners

Learn all the basics in bread baking so you are able to make basic bread at home. Get the basic skills, learn the lingo and begin to understand what happens when you make bread. In the beginner section I show you all the basic equipment to get started, some step by step examples are articles aimed at building your knowledge whilst still getting your hands dirty with dough early on. 

Every baker starts off as a beginner at one point and it's important to learn what is important, and what is not right now. This section lists articles for further reading and some suggested recipes with videos to clearly explain every technique so you can follow along at home.

Learn artisan bread making techniques

Bread baking is a never ending journey, it's part of the reason why I love it so much. In this section we expand on the basics and look at new techniques. Expect to cover the use of prefermented flour such as sourdough, biga and poolish. How different fermentation times affect the quality of the dough. Using additional ingredients such as fats  to make laminated doughs. Plus some more challenging recipes like baguettes, sourdoughs, croissants and more!

This second course page of how to bake bread at home is a step up from the beginner page. It will teach some challenging techniques so review the previous page if you are not too confident with working with dough just yet.

After completing this course you should be comfortable to tackle any recipe and even look for work in the industry.

How to work in the baking industry

If you love the idea of bread baking and you want to start working in the industry, or set up your own bakery or micro bakery then use this section to give you the best step up. 

Inside you will find what it takes to become a bread baker plus, some top tips on passing an interview as a bread baker and why it could be the right career for you.


Some people want to start off small, selling a few loaves at local markets or independent suppliers, until you gain a bit more experience and build a local reputation. You will find a guide on how to set up in the most effective way and retain as much of your investment. Others may be looking to start a fully fledged wholesale bakery or bakery cafe, you'll find guides here too.

You will also find a link to purchase the book I wrote which details all the best business and marketing advice you will ever need when starting your own bakery.

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