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How To Keep Dough From Sticking To The Counter

Many bakers use flour to stop their dough from sticking to the counter when kneading. But you might be aware that adding extra flour when kneading is not rec…

What Is The Reason For Sugar In bread? Is It Essential?

It’s a common misconception that sugar is only used for making food and drinks sweet. While sugar does sweeten food, it holds many more functions in bread ma…

How To Start A Home Bakery – For Bread Bakers

If you are looking to start a home bakery business this guide is for you. Making (probably) the best food invented as a business in your own home sounds like…

Should I Add Flour When Kneading Bread Dough?

I know a lot of home bakers reach for the flour just before you start kneading, it’s habitual, natural and often instructed. But is it right to do so? Well, …

How Long To Knead Bread Dough?

Knowing how long to knead dough is one of those baking skills you’re expected to know without anyone telling you! Most bakers learn how long to knead dough t…

Is A Bakery Business Profitable?

If you are considering starting your own bakery business, or micro-bakery then one of your biggest considerations will be “Will it make any money?” The short…

How To Increase Bakery Sales

In order to increase bakery sales, it is important to target what your customer wants. This article will discuss some strategies that can be used to increase…

What Happens If You Add Too Much Flour To Bread

Adding too much flour to bread dough is a dilemma that pops up from time to time whenever you make bread at home. It’s an easy thing to do, but hopefully, af…

Best Equipment For A Home Bakery Or Micro-Bakery

If you are looking to start a home bakery or micro-bakery the amount of bakery equipment available can be really overwhelming! There has been an influx of ho…

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