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Can Pizza Dough Go Bad?

I will not string you along with another boring, pointless intro. Pizza dough can go bad, but when this happens, it’s not always the end of the world. You’re…

How To Make Bread Soft With These Simple Tricks

Bread is the stuff of life. It’s how we start our day in the morning, pack for lunch and dinner, and it’s the perfect complement to any meal. But at some poi…
8 Reasons Why Sourdough Bread is Not Rising

8 Reasons Why Sourdough Bread Is Not Rising

Have you ever made sourdough bread and it doesn’t rise? You know – that sinking feeling you get, when your bread can’t sink as it’s not risen! What is wrong …
Why is My Sourdough Bread Gummy?

Why Is My Sourdough Bread Gummy?

Are you finding your sourdough bread is too gummy? An inedible disaster or just a slight annoyance? Either way, it prevents perfection and I want you to make…

Pizza Dough Won’t Stretch | Tips To Improve Homemade Pizza

Pizza lovers know that two things make a perfect pizza, the toppings and the quality of the base. The perfect pizza base is thin and crispy on the outside ye…
How to Make a Sourdough more Sour

How To Make Sourdough More Sour

Making sourdough taste more sour is such a well-versed topic that I could have written a newspaper with the number of recommendations I’ve seen. Some of thes…

My Bread Collapses In The Oven, What Am I Doing Wrong?

Bread is one of the most comforting and versatile foods to make at home. Yet, sometimes, it doesn’t turn out right! Whatever the reason, a loaf that collapse…

How to Increase the Amount of Water in Bread

Are you looking for ways to include more water in your dough? Perhaps you want to have the benefits of higher hydration dough, but don’t want a sticky mess? …

Why Is My Bread Collapsing Or Shrinking After Baking?

As a bread baker, you want to make sure that all your hard work is worth it. If you’re not aware of all the pitfalls, bread can easily collapse or shrink aft…

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