UFO Round Bakers Lame

UFO Bread scoring knife tool-Baking lame bread tool


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UFO Round Bakers Lame

Brand BreadTime
Handle Material Walnut
Blade Edge Plain

About this item

  • Easily to use and clean-UFO round bread lame with the thin sharp blades gives bakers more control over scoring or cutting dough at any different angles in the hand compared to others with a long handle like a pencil, but also increase safety to achieve a deep smooth cut.
  • Wooden storage box and bread knife with cover – storage box makes it safer to keep than floating in a drawer especially for children to avoid any accidents or injury. Small leather case and storage box protects blades for reuse and clean, and suitable in your apron.
  • Beautiful unique design crafted- bread lame is made with high-quality walnut wood. Every single bread lame cutter is a piece of art with different unique wood texture. Perfectly for a neat sweet scoring over sourdough in your way.
  • Replaceable blades- ufo lame comes with extra razor blades and tool to easily change the regular bread razor in a safe way. No need to bend the razor dangerously to fit the handle, more comfortable, and safe to use our bread scorer blade to replace.
  • Gift for bakers – The bread scoring tool works amazing slashing sourdough. UFO bread lame helps bakers to score nice neat slices over the dough and makes bread looking more professional like from the bakery. The unique design of the bread scoring knife also makes bakers’ bakery life more fun and happier.

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