Hobart N50-60

Hobart N50-60 5 Quart Commercial Countertop Planetary Stand Mixer,


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Hobart N50-60

About this item

  • LARGE ON/OFF SWITCH: To make operation of the N50 5-Quart Mixer simple, the On/Off switch was designed to be large and easy to locate by any operator.
  • THREE SPEED TRANSMISSION: With three fixed speeds to choose from, operators simply choose the correct speed and begin mixing ingredients consistently each time.
  • SMALL FOOTPRINT: The small size of the N50 make it ideal for any kitchen. For consistent or occasional use, its small size and power are unmatched.
  • ATTACHMENT HUB: Equipped with front-mounted Hobart standard #10 taper attachment hub, and any #10 size attachments may be used.
  • BOWL AND BEATERS: Bowl is 5-quart capacity stainless steel. Locks at top and bottom of lift travel, which is controlled by convenient hand lever. A stainless steel beater is also available.

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