Best Christmas Gifts For Bread Bakers This Season

Christmas gifts for a baker
Published on
10 September 2021
Gareth Busby
Gareth Busby

Christmas is fast approaching, and it’s time to finalise those gifts or leave subtle hints for your friends and family! If you have a bread-baking fanatic to buy for, check out these Christmas gifts for bread bakers. If you would like any advice on these or other bread-related presents, just leave a comment at the bottom of the page, and one of our little elves will get back to you!

Home proofer

Brod and Taylor home proofer

This Folding Proofer & Slow Cooker from Brod and Taylor is a revolutionary kitchen appliance. It combines the functions of an electric proofing box with a slow cooker. It can maintain the perfect temperature for bread proofing and slow cooking. But the proofing benefits are what makes this stand out to bakers!

Proofing the dough will be easy with the use of this appliance. No more worrying about the weather, no more over-proofing! This is also easy to use, versatile, and has a minimal carbon footprint!

You can get this from Brod and Taylor or Amazon

Funny apron

funny apron

To remind a remarkable person how much you appreciate them, what would they want more than a personalised apron? These aprons are made from 65% polyester and 35% cotton with high-quality materials to ensure durability and comfort. So good, they offer a lifetime guarantee!

Don’t worry about the print because it won’t fade quickly after washing. These aprons are not only funny but practical as well!

You can get a personalised apron on Amazon

Baking stone

Pizzeria-quality pizza can now be made at home just like it is in Italy with the help of this pizza stone. This stone distributes heat evenly and provides a nice crispy-coloured crust. This also can resist up to 1400 F, which means it can handle the most intense oven temperatures!

Not only for pizza, but it’s a must-have for all types of bread baking!

 Check out this baking stone on Amazon.



You can use cups and spoons to measure your ingredients, but you should invest in a decent set of scales for accuracy. This set from Myweigh weighs up to 6 kilos in 1 gram increments.

For more accuracy, a larger set of scales can be supplemented with precision scales. These provide accuracy down to 0.01 grams, perfect for weighing small amounts of yeast and salt.

Pizza and bread bakers peel

The Zulay Kitchen Bamboo Pizza Peel is the answer to getting bread in and out of the oven without any burns! Some flimsy pizza peels splinter, warp, and end up breaking in half, but this one is made of top-grade bamboo!

This peel is not just for pizzas. It’s great for bread too! It’s the perfect combination for bakers who bake with a baking stone.

Get a Zulay Kitchen Bamboo Pizza Peel from Amazon

Challenger Bread Pan

A challenger bread pan dutch oven

The Challenger Bread Pan is a must-have for every serious home baker.

Every detail of this was designed by bakers, for bakers to help bake better bread every time. It’s a thick black cast iron pan for baking bread inside the oven.

The material delivers uniform, radiant heat to your bread and retains the perfect amount of steam. Expect bread with a beautifully browned crispy crust – you may get one as a thank you!

You can get this bread pan from Challenger Breadware

Collection Of Sourdough Starters

dried sourdough starter

A San Francisco Sourdough Style Starter Culture is the perfect gift for any sourdough lover! This is a no-fail sourdough starter that can help beginners make delicious, perfect bread every time. You also get a whole wheat and rye starter too!

This comes with instructions to guide you through the process of making sourdough bread, and it even has some recipes for starters and other fun ways to use it!

You can view the latest price of this on Amazon.



A dough thermometer is used to monitor dough temperature. This is important for bread as yeast is very temperature reliant. If the dough is too cold, it will take a long time to rise. Too warm, and it will turn out gassy and sticky.

A temperature probe is not essential for making bread, but they sure make it easier! Use one to improve consistency, timing and eradicate errors. I suggest adding it to your Christmas list!

Bread Sling

Sourdough bread bakers would love this nonstick bread sling by 5 Star Moon bakery! It’s perfect for baking sourdough bread, and it makes the process so much easier. This nonstick silicone baking sheet helps to take baked goods out of the oven safely. With this, there are no more burns or accidents in the kitchen. Plus, these mats can be used over and over again. They come in an eye-catching design that will look great on any countertop too!

You can get this bread sling from Amazon

Proofing basket set

banneton set

This Banneton Bread Proofing Set is expertly crafted from premium and durable materials to guarantee safety and quality. The banneton is made using dye-free, chemical-free, and all-natural Indonesian rattan.

This baking set provides everything needed to get started with sourdough or artisan bread. It comes with a banneton liner, bread lame, dough scraper, bowl scraper, and Danish whisk, everything to make sourdough bread. Just add flour!

This baking set is available on Amazon

Bread Baker’s Apprentice

The Bread Baker’s Apprentice is one of the most comprehensive books on bread baking available.

With over 100 recipes, this book is ideal for beginners and even experienced bakers. It has sections on artisan baking, sourdough bread, and quick bread. This features more than just recipes but step-by-step instructions and pictures to guide bakers through the process.

Get a copy of The Bread Baker’s Apprentice on Amazon

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  • I have a steam / convection oven by wolf. It is great for steam proofing and baking . I highly recommend this oven for baking and cooking.

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