Differences Between Champagne Yeast And Bread Yeast

Many types of yeast are widely available today, and each one serves a purpose that’s different from the others. If you’ve decided you’re champagne brewing skills aren’t up to scratch and wish to use the yeast to make bread, let’s make a champagne vs bread yeast comparison.

You can use champagne or other alcoholic yeasts to make bread, but expect the colours and flavours of the loaf to be different. Champagne yeast like bread yeast uses the same saccharomyces strain of yeast. It differs by containing enzymes that work better when making alcohol. Different strains or hybrids of saccharomyces cerevisiae (bread yeast) are used to make alcohol. 

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Is alcohol yeast the same as bread yeast?

No, alcohol yeast and bread yeast are two different kinds of yeast. Hence the name, both yeasts were made for specific purposes that differ from each other. Alcohol yeast is being used for alcohol production, while bread yeast is being used as a leavening agent in bread baking.

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What is champagne yeast?

Similar to wine yeast and beer yeast, champagne yeast is a type of Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast that’s made for alcohol production. It’s clean and neutral and can withstand higher alcohol levels than bread yeast, making it perfect for champagne, dry wines and cider. Its optimum temperature is at 15-24 degrees C or 60-75 degrees F.

Can I use champagne yeast for bread?

Of course, you can use champagne yeast for your baked goods. But you should always consider that it will give a different effect. Champagne yeast or any type of alcohol yeast has a different purpose and structure compared to bread yeast. Expect your bread will have a bitter, alcoholic flavour.

Can you use bread yeast to make alcohol?

You can use bread yeast to make alcohol, as they can convert sugars into alcohol. However, it’s going to have a hard time withstanding the fermentation process. As yeast are tired, it will develop flavours enzymes that aren’t good, as well as fatty acids that will go along with your alcohol.

What is the alcohol tolerance of bread yeast?

Most bread yeast can easily ferment alcohol for about 8%. You can extend this at a maximum of 9%-10%, but your yeast will struggle to do it. Even with the extension, these numbers are still relatively lower compared to most high alcohol yeast.


Can you make alcohol with just water sugar and yeast?

Yes! Using water, sugar, and yeast can make you produce alcohol. One of the key things is choosing the right yeast for your purpose. Also keep in mind the right equipment, which varies depending on the type of alcohol you’re going to make.

What’s the difference between baking yeast and brewer’s yeast?

The main difference between baking yeast and brewer’s yeast is their purpose. Baking yeast or baker’s yeast is being used to leaven baked goods, while brewer’s yeast is for making beer.

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