Can You Freeze Old Bread? – Is It Worth It?

Freezing your bread is also a great way to save money because you can buy larger quantities when they are on sale and freeze them for later use. It saves you time too because you don’t have to go out to get fresh bread when you need it! You can take the number of slices you need each evening from the freezer to use the following day. But does it matter if your bread is already a bit stale? Well, let’s see, can you freeze old bread?

Freezing is best when the bread is fresh, but you can place older bread in the freezer, it just won’t last too long after it’s defrosted. You can freeze old bread either in its original packaging or by wrapping it tightly in a plastic freezer bag before freezing.

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Is it worth freezing old bread?

The amount of times I’ve run out of bread or breadcrumbs when coooking and wished that I had keep the ageing loaf which I’d thrown out the week before is ridiculous! It’s always worth freezing bread, even if it’s best days are behind it.

There are many uses for old bread, and once defrosted, you can warm them in the microwave or oven and they’ll usually soften up prefectly for a sandwich!

What can I use old bread for?

Bread that has gone a little dry can make excellent toast. Grilled sandwiches such as Croque monsieur turn out best with stale bread. If the bread is extra dry it can be used to make breadcrumbs, bread pudding or croutons.

How long does expired bread last in freezer?

If the bread was already expired when it went into the freezer, only freeze it for a maximum of 3 months. Much of the bread’s staling process is halted by the freezer but it will be less moist after defrosting. The longer the bread is frozen, the less enjoyable it will be.

Can bread be too old to freeze?

The best way to tell if your bread has gone bad is by its smell and look. Bread can become unfit to eat when mold starts growing on it, or it gets discolored or has a gone-off odor. If any of these things happen, throw the bread away.

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