How to Separate Frozen Bread Slices

Ever get stuck separating frozen bread slices without having them all stick together in one big, unfriendly lump? In our busy lives, we often have to do a lot of things at the same time. And as a result, it is sometimes hard for us to focus on what task needs to be done first or which task needs more attention.

When it comes to knowing how to separate frozen bread slices, let’s discuss the best way to do it!

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How do you unstick frozen bread?

To separate frozen bread slices, push a metal table knife between the slices to lever them apart. If this fails, leave the bread to defrost for a couple of hours and try again. If you are in a rush, run it under the tap and the running water will defrost the ice.

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How do you freeze bread without it sticking together?

There are 3 ways to consider when freezing sliced bread in order to prevent the slices from sticking together. In most freezers, the first option will work fine and requires much less preparation. But if your bread is to be stored for longer than a month, your bread is more moist or gummy or your freezer isn’t all that cold you might want to consider the other two options.

Separate the slices

To stop bread slices from sticking together when frozen you can quickly run your hand through the loaf to separate the slices before freezing. This will increase the air gap between each slice just enough for them not to stick together.

Greaseproof sheet

Another, more heavy metal solution is to place a barrier between each slice. Using a greaseproof, silicone or beeswax sheet, simply cut it to size and concertina fold it to stack and weave between the bread slices. The bread can then be frozen and you’ll be able to remove as many slices as you want without them sticking together!


Another solution is to use a little bit of butter – Rubbing a small amount of butter on both sides of sliced bread produces a barrier that will make separating the bread slices easy.

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