How Long Does Bread Last In The Freezer: A Guide

How Long Does Bread Last In The Freezer
Published on
06 August 2022
Gareth Busby
Gareth Busby

How long does bread last in the freezer? It’s a question that many people ask themselves when they want to save money by buying or baking bread in bulk. However, it can be hard to know how long bread will keep without consulting an expert or referring to the package instructions. That’s why I’ve put together this article for you!

How long does homemade bread stay fresh?

The answer to how long does bread stay fresh depends on various factors. These include the type of bread, how it is stored and how warm and humid it is in your kitchen. Generally speaking, most types of homemade bread will stay fresh for 3-5 days when stored in an airtight container at room temperature. However, if you want to keep the bread for longer, you can freeze it.

How long does frozen bread last?

Bread will last for about two to six months in the freezer. If you need to store it for longer than that, freeze bread in whole loaves, otherwise you might prefer to freeze slices so you can take out what you need.

When should I freeze bread?

Freeze bread whenever you want to store your bread for more than a few days. It should go into the freezer as soon as possible, and before the “best by” date on the packaging. The fresher the bread is when it goes in the freezer, the more delicious it will be when it’s time to defrost it.

How to freeze bread

First, make sure it is completely cool before freezing your bread. Not doing this will raise the temperature of the freezer and can lead to icicles appearing. You can either freeze whole loaves, but if you are slow to get through a loaf, the best solution might be to cut slices.

How Long Does Bread Last In The Freezer

Place your loaf (or slices) into a freezer bag. Then double bag your bread, or put it in a cardboard box. This will protect the bread from coming into contact with the sides of your freezer which can lead to freezer burn and the bread becoming hard. You might want to date and label each serving of bread which is important when freezing several types of bread that look alike! Now you can put your bread in the freezer, close the door and keep it there until you’re ready to eat it!

Do I freeze store-bought and homemade bread the same way?

The freezing process for store-bought and homemade bread is the same. However, you need to wait until your homemade bread is completely cool before wrapping and placing it in the freezer. Put your bread in a second bag or box so it doesn’t get freezer burn.

What about bread rolls and buns?

Bread rolls and buns can be frozen in the same way as regular bread, but they may not last as long. Smaller bread will deteriorate faster than larger loaves in the freezer. Rolls and buns will usually keep for about two months in the freezer.

Can you freeze wrapped bread?

You can freeze wrapped bread. However, you’ll want to double wrap it to prevent it from freezer burn.

So, how long does bread last in the freezer?

In this article, we’ve covered how long bread lasts in the freezer as well as how best to freeze it. Your bread should last around 2-4 days after it has come out of the freezer. I hope you’ve got the answer to the question you were searching for? Use the comments below to ask any questions.

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