Can You Freeze Bread In Original Packaging?

Can You Freeze Bread In Original Packaging?
Published on
02 December 2021
Gareth Busby
Gareth Busby

Do you have bread to freeze but don’t want to buy any special equipment? Well if you are wondering if you can freeze bread in original packaging, short or long term, you will get your answer in this article!

What is the best way to store bread in the freezer?

If you use an airtight container when freezing bread, less water vapour can escape during the freezing process. Once defrosted, this helps the bread retain its freshness whilst protecting it from freezer burn. To further protect your bread in the freezer you can double wrap it. This means placing it in two layers of packaging. The original packaging of the bread could be one layer whilst another sealed container would be the other.

Does the wrapper used to store bread matter?

Ideally, you want your bread to be wrapped in a non-permeable layer and a thick layer. A non-permeable wrapper such as the bread’s original packaging or a plastic bag prevents moisture from escaping. The thicker barrier protects the bread from coming into direct contact with the cold therefore lowering the risk of freezer burn.

Most professional frozen bread distributors use a plastic liner inside a cardboard box to transport and store their frozen bread. The plastic liner could be replaced with the original packaging of the bread or a beeswax sheet. Whereas, a plastic tub could replace the box. If you don’t have a storage container or box suitable to protect the bread, a second plastic bag will help, anything is better than nothing, right?

Don’t want to use plastic? Take a look at my how to freeze bread without plastic post.

Frequently asked questions about freezing bread

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