Sourdough Baking Equipment

Here's a selection of the equipment that I use or recommend that you buy for sourdough baking. These are all bits of kit that will improve the quality and consistency of your sourdough bakes.

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Sourdough bread recipe for beginners

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Weighing in grams is essential for controlling consistency

Mixing bowls

Use these for weighing, mixing and storing your dough


It is much better to cover a timer in dough than your mobile phone

Dough scraper

Has the right amount of flex to mix dough and clean bowls


Use one to control the speed of fermentation

Dough resting boxes

Tubs with lids make ideal containers for dough fermentation

Bakers lame 

Using a lame to score bread is essential for most bakers as it's much more accurate than a knife

Baguette peel

To transfer baguettes into and out of the oven with ease

Water mister

A way to add steam to the oven into the oven which is essential for a crusty loaf

Dough divider (metal scraper)

Used for dividing, lifting and cleaning dough from the workbench

Banneton bread proofing basket

Used in proofing so the bread holds its shape

Baking stone

Retains and distributes heat to the bread. Needed for crust and oven spring perfection

Dutch Oven 

A Dutch oven is a reliable way to keep the bread moist for good oven spring

Bakers peel

To transfer bread into and out of the oven. Especially helpful when using a baking stone

Water mister

A way to add steam to the oven into the oven which is essential for a crusty loaf

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