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 December 23, 2020

By  Gareth Busby

Gareth announces the second stage of the bread baking course is about to be recorded

Gareth from Busby’s Bakery School announced earlier today that he is to enter the final stage of recording the learn to bake bread course. “For over a year I have been designing a bread baking course, developing recipes and adapting previous recipes so that these breads could be baked at home, fitting around normal life.”

“I went to record the course a long time ago and discovered it needed more preparation, I wanted this course to be the best how to bake bread course available. I took maybe a year to trial recipes, camera angles, lighting and all the things that come with writing a video course.

Gareth has recorded around half the content already last month and expects to complete recordings by mid May.

“Now I’m confident that I have the right formula, the lessons from last month where overall really good and the reaction has been positive. I’m looking forward to getting the course finished and allowing people to make use of it. After editing, we are expecting to launch in June”

For more information on the bread making course check Gareth’s website: https://www.busbysbakery.com

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