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Learn to bake bread course

In the learn bread baking course you will learn everything you need to know about baking bread, all from one instuctor who creates amazing breads. Some of the baking topics include:

  • The equipment and ingredients that you need to get the most out of your bread (and some money saving tips too)
  • How each stage of the bread making process can me adapted to create flavour and texture in your bread 
  • To master hand kneading and many different moulding techniques
  • To cut the bread with care (and at pace) to aid the texture in the crust
  • How to use Sourdoughs properly to bake amazing naturally leavened breads
  • To become confident in slow fermentation breads, including the use of Biga's and Poolish's to make the bread rise
  • How to get the most out of your oven (and what to get if you trade up)
  • The psychology of Italian & French bakers, so you can  understand how to create internationally  inspired breads recipes yourself

PLUS the videos are available for you to view 24/7 - never get halfway through an old recipe and wonder "What was I supposed to do next?" - It's all here! (And the YouTube channel)

The only bread baking course you will ever need!

Master Baker Gareth Busby

"The techniques used by artisan bakers across the world do not get shared... celebrity bakers recipe books, neither on YouTube - They don't want to lose their REAL secrets.

But, I'm giving them all to you, for free. Whether you're already using a commercial bakery or want to bake some fresh treats at home - I'll teach you how to bake artisan bread the right way! Just sign up to become a free member."

Gareth Busby  // Master Baker & Coach

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