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How to source the ingredients for a bakery

My next job to start was the flour order. I will use the same mill that I used when I owned my own bakery, this time I wouldn't need to order by the pallet, (I don't think it would fit in my flat anyway!) I was a bit worried that I will have to buy it in 1.5Kg bags - that would be expensive.

Fortunately, Shipton Mill does allow you to order 25Kg bags, it's just double the wholesale price I used to pay.

So I chose flour that I love using and I chucked in a few that I have not tried to have a bit of fun.

I had to be a bit cheeky and get the flour delivered to my place of work. As there was not an option to book a day to deliver, I thought this was the only choice.

I would just have to make sure I was not sat on a till when he arrived!

I needed to get my equipment out to see what I still had. I did this morning and, the only thing I could find that was of any use was my knife (or lame as they say in France).

Everything else will have to be brand-new.

This bakery wasn't going to be THAT cheap to start after all!

I had a look around online and found a good website, one I have not used before. It had everything, at a reasonable price and would save me looking for hours on eBay to find the stuff would take 3-4 weeks to arrive from China!

I would pick up a few bits from the supermarket like yeast, tins and tea towels.

I want to make this course as home based as possible.

I think the best way to show a trainee is to show them the difference in equipment (or the lack of where necessary) from which they are familiar with.

Anyway, a painful day (spending money) but necessary for the future success:

"To be a professional baker again!"

... Can you guess I'm a little excited!

How to source the ingredients for a bakery 1