How to design a bread recipe

One thing I have learnt in baking is that bakers tend to have “their” way of working. They use the same, or similar techniques in every loaf.

Previously, I’ve been guilty too. Not as close as many bakers I have met that I would label "lazy". Just, when it comes to recipe creation, there are a few stages that I always try to do.

I know what will work, and I have a tendency to refuse to try what didn’t work before.

I believe I have a fairly open mind, but looking at other bakers on YouTube, I really should try a few new things.

Before I do myself a disservice, my bread does have a distinct quality about each loaf, don’t worry. 

But I do believe trying a few new things will help when crafting new recipes, and inspire me to keep developing my skills in all areas.

It always pays to keep close to what’s happening in the industry you serve as best you can. So another evening on YouTube is the plan.

Despite some of the vloggers talk total crap (most of them actually) some, are very credible and given me a few new things to try out. There’s no reason why I shouldn’t be taking a look at them.

But one baker has caught my eye, I can’t spell her name or even say it! She’s a Spanish lady. The bread she makes looks great, and she has a very precise, but different attitude than myself.

Despite creating the bread in a way I have never thought of, technically they are really, really sound.

I’m taking some inspiration from her, and I’m working on a new loaf ASAP!