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How I made my yum yum recipe (artisan)

The Yum Yum has become one of my favourite sweet snacks over the past year but, I’ve never had an Artisan Yum Yum.

Let’s think about it:

If you try one and attempt to describe the actual flavours that come from one, you can’t really describe it. They taste nice. Nice and sweet.

I’m guessing it’s like a doughnut, just with a toffee or caramel filling, then a glazed icing is drizzled over the top. I like the idea that they are healthier than standard doughnuts, maybe they are oven baked? I’ve never read this, just a hunch, possibly to justify eating a pack of four on my lunch break.

It’s taken a week of pure yum-yum obsession to try and perfect this recipe. I’ve been eating a very artisan diet of late, the thought of buying another frozen supermarket doesn’t excite me, in fact it makes me feel a little bit ill.

A real artisan Yum-Yum

I must eat one last non-artisan Yum Yum to help me create the right flavour. But I can't find one so I sat at work in the canteen and tried my best to enjoy the moment of a frozen Yum-Yum. I wish I could identify the flavours and the texture, but I really can’t.

So in order to get my Yum Yum recipe correct, I’m gonna just have to go along with it and make my own recipe. And hope that it matches up.

I’ve looked online, with my best bud Google for yum yum recipes, and was shocked to find it’s not a very competitive search.

Hey, this post may end up high in the rankings one day…. I found two recipes and agree with neither!

They just don’t seem to work in my head as a best practice for making a yum yum. So I’m going to go alone and create my own.

The Gareth Busby Yum Yum recipe

(by using a doughnut recipe as a base and adapting.)

I do this for my first trail, and they are beautiful, soft and delicious, but not very yum yummy.

So it’s back to the drawing board. They can’t taste exactly the same as a doughnut, I’ve got to have something else.

And I have got to be able to find it naturally. So I'll try again. This time I increase the sugar to make them sweeter (which will also give it a softer crumb) and I change the frying process.

They go in the fryer, for a quick browning. I’m not quite sure what putting them in the oven at all is going to do, but I’m going to give it a go.

I just want to change the previous product as much as I can to get my “recipe making” juices flowing.

The result:

They come out beautiful, I made a cheeky salted caramel filling and injected them. I also spent more time making a sugar glaze this time, which gave a better result. They look pretty good but….

... they are not yum yums

More like churros, they taste amazing! Maybe I don’t wanna make yum yums anymore, I can just make these?!!

But no, I must continue my quest to make the perfect Artisan yum yum.

So with my tail dropped, and out of ideas to solve the problem, I go back to the recipes that I found on the Internet. They do not knead a dough in their recipes...

Maybe, just maybe, they could be kind of right.

I decide to force in another (final) frozen Yum Yum! My body appears to go into meltdown, it doesn’t like it. I’ve completely stopped eating any processed food of late and my body wants to reject it, there’s(nearly) nothing natural to digest.

But then I realise that the dough is not like a normal bread dough structure, there are lots of irregular pockets of air.

The dough has not developed like a bread style dough, it’s not been mixed.

So, the two recipes I looked at previously perhaps, were kind of right.

So, I decided to use one of the recipes that I found. Then made a few tweaks to improve it and fall in line with my artisan baking mentality. And you know what?


Yes, I have done it, they are brilliant. Refined, not chemicals or enzymes and less messing about than the other recipes I found. This week has been stressful, It's been hard work, even felt like giving up twice, but now it’s done. I really don’t fancy another yum yum, churro, or doughnut for a week or two!

But I’m glad it’s done now!

How I made my yum yum recipe (artisan) 1