Learn to make bread at home with Busby's Bakery

Planning the bakery video recording

I went to work this morning, and after the third day of intent, I finally took a look at my holiday planner to see when I was next off.

To my surprise (and excitement) I have got a week off next week, with no plans, you can probably guess where this is going.

This is the week I will record my baking videos!

Now I just need to prepare everything. I  have the recipes saved on my laptop somewhere, I just need to find them! I looked this morning and found some of them, but not all.

They are there somewhere, I'm sure of it, I would never have deleted them. I'll have to have a deeper look soon.

I'm trying to keep this baking business a secret but...

Originally I wanted to keep the idea of what I was doing to myself, I told one or two close friends, but as it has got closer and closer and what with now a small mountain of flour in my flat.

I've started telling a lot of people! 

I'm excited about it and that means I'm finding it very hard keeping it a secret. 

I’m just that sort person.

Love it or hate it, I cannot contain myself because, next week...

I start baking!

The recording equipment I will use

In a previous post, I mentioned I had dabbled in YouTube recordings. Actually, it was only a month ago that I stopped.

I didn't quit because I got fed up more, because I ran out of content ideas.

And well, this project started taking over my thoughts. It is more rewarding doing this over trying to forge myself as an expert marketer, whilst not having clients that actually pay.

The videos I had previously done were a definite work in progress, my delivery was the problem.

I am a bit, shall we say inconsistent. 

I had struggled to find my voice in those videos, one in which I could be confident, clear, whilst not aggressive or boring. I loved the challenge though.

I have a dream of being in the media, but if I am to fulfil this fantasy, I am going to have to master the skill now.

Before I get the opportunity of appearing on television and awards shows.

At least now, I'm not phased by the camera, it doesn't make me nervous like it did the first times. I spent hours recording myself speaking in the car, walking to a destination or simply in my room.

This was just to get used to the camera. 

After a month, and a couple of Udemy pubic speaking courses, I was ready (ish), well better than before.

Ready to record the baking?

So I have some confidence in being behind the camera, also importantly I have a system already for doing the recordings.  

I've got an iPhone, tripods, lighting and I know how to get the recordings uploaded onto YouTube.

There's no way I can get a proper professional video with my knowledge or equipment, but it's the content that's king here. Previous videos came out ok, and well that's ok with me!

With the flour arriving tomorrow, oven sorted, I'm going to have to plan the time needed to record my first bake session.

Baker Gets His Hands Dirty

Main Event Tomorrow- The Baker Gets His Hands Dirty Once More!

So the baking starts tomorrow, I’m so excited I just can’t believe that I’m going back to it.

It's almost daunting for me, I haven’t actually baked properly in about two or three years. Going straight back into it headfirst! This is crazy!

I mean everything about bread baking is ingrained in me, I can’t forget it. I believe I could have gone 10 years and still be able to bake the way are used to.

Well, let's hope anyway, I can feel my bakers' instinct is still there. There is only one way to find out.

And so it is tomorrow, I’ve got a good idea of what I wanna get out of the week, I did a plan the other day (see last post).

I know I want to do some basic training, simple breads and the Italian series. I would like to try and do some other bits as well, just off the cuff sort of things, random recipes or "how to" videos.

My expectations for the week, I think are reasonable. But...

Just one problem with the bread recipes...

My only worry is the recipes. I don’t seem to be able to find them all.

I’m sure they are saved on the computer somewhere, I know I’ll never of deleted them, but in the files I looked in again last night, I can’t see them. 

A Microsoft search of my computer proved just as pointless. I can only find documents with half of them.

I’m sure they’ll turn up so somewhere, I will have to take a look later on tonight. If I can’t find them, at least I’ve got the majority of them, the rest I’ll be able to work out I suppose...

...I suppose I’ll just have to!

But anyway... I love doing things like that, love making up new recipes, just as much as I love baking bread. I'll just have to figure something out.

Busman's holiday? For Bakers?

Getting ready for tomorrow’s first bakery session reminds me of going on holiday. There’s no sun lotion required or glistening sea and sandy beaches.

But I can't sleep, I’m excited as hell and I’m trying to remember if I have everything. It’s just like going to a new destination!

The Third Coming As A Baker

I say third coming as the first happened when I was 18 as a bakery supervisor in a supermarket, the second when after a 6 month spell on nights (to earn some$$$) I returned to baking when I opened the bakery.

This makes it number 3! I hope it's the last coming too!

So the first day comes to an end. I am delighted. I made a wicked sourdough pizza first because I was hungry! Then a farmhouse loaf, I then prepared the bigas for tomorrow.

Not too much then, just enough to wet my feet as they say.

But hey, it was rewarding, all the same, the pizza was amazing, the farmhouse loaf.... ummm, well actually there's a story here.

The tins I bought were not 500 g loaf tins like I thought. They are more like 1 kg, so the bread didn’t really fit in properly, it was quite long and not very proud, but it tasted good!

Ahh but the steam!

The steam technique I used is a common one for non-bakery standard ovens. I use a tray at the bottom of the oven and chuck water on it. But it didn't really work.

Usually, a waft of steam hits you in the face, but nothing really happened. I think the bottom part of this particular oven isn’t hot enough.

I’m going to have to try and think of something else. I should get a water spray to create the steam, I can't think why I hadn't already thought of this?

The technique is to spray water into the oven when the bread goes in. This mimics what a professional bakery oven does.

You can also use the spray on bread that is proving to prevent it skinning up, this is a bakers term where the dough dries out on the surfaces exposed to the air. A quick spray of water can stop this from happening.

I'll have to get one and give this a go.

Back In A Bakery - Day Two

Today is day two in my makeshift bakery. And unfortunately not as successful as I hoped. I tried to make sourdough cob, ciabatta, focaccia, malted wheat loaf and a Pane Casareccio (My favourite loaf).

They didn’t come out too well, I may have learnt a lesson though..

Well, actually two,

You can’t bake bread in a completely new environment with one oven and get your timing right first time.

Second, to give a good demonstration of each stage of the process, I need to be able to fully concentrate on that dough.

I was consistently finding two, three, even four of these loaves ready to go in the oven at the same time. That’s not physically possible! I should be thinking as a trainer, not a baker with a camera!

I didn’t really feel that I guided potential watchers properly in the videos I recorded today. The information was definitely there, but my delivery was often rushed and chaotic.

At one point I even got confused and announced the wrong method completely.

And that leads me to my next point. I only have the ingredient quantities from my bakers' formula, I don’t think I ever wrote the methods out.

I did know them all by heart, but I’m struggling to remember all of them clearly.

In terms of mixing times, folds, and the order I add the ingredients to the bowl, I am guessing in some cases(educated guess of course!).

But not just the folds!

I still haven’t found the rest of my recipes, I have The ones I’ve used but I’m missing about half! Especially the more abstract loaves that I did not make regularly, I could really do with them!

Out of all the breads today, I wasn’t really happy with any of them and so, I’m going to have to redo all of the videos.

 Crap day, but character building!

Day Three And I Feel Like A Doughnut

It's 0900, and I’m just dragging myself out of bed, I am exhausted. I thought I was reasonably fit, it doesn't feel that I have done a lot of exercise in the past couple of days.

But as soon as I got home last night, to when I rose this morning, I felt completely drained.

I forgot how physically demanding baking can be (and I only made 5 loaves yesterday!)

Thinking about yesterday and the issues that I had with my bread... I must slow it down, I should only be baking two breads at any one time.

It’s too much otherwise, I want to ensure that I’m "In the zone" whilst teaching each recipe. Ready to over deliver my content as opposed to getting it through quickly to make space in the oven.

There was another thing to blame for the quality of the breads too which I had not thought about. The room was very cold, especially overnight, despite following the normal development times I have always used with the preferment, they were not ready.

They had not fermented enough, therefore they were not active to raise the bread at the rate I expected. It’s crazy I didn’t realise this at the time.

It is not something I have had an issue with ever before. I have always made my starters in a relatively warm environment or left them to develop throughout the day, instead of the cooler night time.

Hey, we will put it down to rustiness, We'll have too! I’m exhausted now, but I must go on.

Using my motivational routine I sometimes follow to get me going again, I am determined to get to the end goal as soon as possible.

These videos need recording!