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How to bake bread for beginners. Learn basic bread making procedures including hand kneading, what good dough should look like, the equipment you need to bake bread and lots more!

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First Steps In Breadmaking

In this module, you will learn the basics of baking bread, some simple recipes and a lot of technique. This is the first module.

A Simple White Dough (First Bread Recipe)

This recipe is the first dough in the "how to bake bread" series. It covers essential tips on hand kneading, shaping and what happens during the baking process.And the result is an amazing tin bread too!

Wholemeal Country Cobs

A great loaf to learn early on, get a bit more experience with handling dough and shaping into rounds. These wholemeal country cobs are great, healthy breads that are to be enjoyed all year. The hint of rye adds an extra depth of flavour to the bread, almost like a question. It evokes feelings and character like only artisan bread can.

Soft Baps

Soft baps are a common bread really, but following an artisan recipe they are brought up to a much better level. The trick to making quality artisan baps is to be quick to get the dough mixed, divided and moulded. Being fast ensures you get a soft, close knit crumb and a good oven spring.

Bloomer, Tiger Bread & A Cottage Loaf

Tiger bread, bloomer and a cottage loaf recipe. Truly British style breads. This video shows three different breads from one dough, and they all have their own unique taste. Learn a few new hand moulding techniques to create these breads. It’s really rewarding when the tiger paste cracks nicely!You might want to use the bakers formula to reduce the size of the recipe and try just one or two at a time. Or be brave and make all three at the same time!

Sourdough Boule (made two ways)

In today’s recipe I’ll show you how to make the perfect sourdough bread with two different techniques. Follow along and we will test a “knead” and a “no knead” method. The result for my preference is at the end of the video!!Sourdough bread is quite a personal taste, some like it really acidic and tangy, others prefer a more refreshing taste with a depth of flavour. This recipe is based on depth of flavour, with only a slight twang. Perfection in my opinion!You will need to have created a starter using the previous "how to make a sourdough starter" lesson and have fed it more 7-10 days.

Hearty Spelt Bread

A really simple introduction to baking with spelt flour. This bread, though slightly dense has masses of flavour, it just tastes soooo healthy! Working with a low protein flour needs a slightly different technique, learn more about it in this lesson.

Batch Loaf

Batch bread is really on-trend in British supermarkets at the moment, here’s how to do it with an artisan twist! This bread calls for the use of butter to create a softer crumb. It's a fairly easy bread to make too, especially with a dough mixer. Try it out, it’s one of my favourite breads to make on a weekday evening, it's so low maintenance!

Posh Farmhouse White Tin

If you’ve mastered using a band tin but can’t quite grasp how to bake a simple tin bread, this is for you!It’s actually a very common question. Despite being the most common bread found in the shops, I even struggled at first to create this bread in an artisan style. There’s a load of knowledge bombs in here, so strap yourself in and enjoy the video!! The Farmhouse loaf is one of my all time favourites and kids love the soft crumb. This is an artisan, yet still a fast to make version of an everyday classic sold in bakeries across the UK.

Making An Oil Slick

Here's a short on guide on how to create an oil slick.

Tuscan Style Flatbreads

ne of the key ingredients in bread making that my Dad used to remove is salt. Apparently it’s not that good for you, but it’s essential in bread making for the bread to hold its shape. Well it’s normally essential, but in this recipe we are going to bake without any.There was a period in Tuscany, Italy when salt was heavily taxed. Therefore the bakers omitted it from their recipes. You can find many Tuscan breads that don’t contain any salt. These are no exception and they taste delicious. Perfect with cheese and salty toppings!It’s really interesting to see the effect salt has on dough and how the texture of the dough changes without it. I can’t recommend trying this recipe enough!!

Gluten Free Bread

Here is a great gluten free bread recipe that's sooo simple, it's pretty much foolproof. It really doesn't take long and will impress your friends and family.We are using gluten free flour, sugar, oil, yeast and warm water to make this bread. I must admit I actually quite like it! I'm sure you or your guests will love it!
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Artisan Bread

In this module we'll cover some more complicated aspects of baking. These include adding pre-ferments such as Biga and Poolish, plus some new techniques such as adding toppings and different types of cuts.

Pane Cassericio & Focaccia Slices

If there was a bread I am most proud of, the Pane Cassericio would be it. I love the texture, taste and depth of aroma that come from this bread and the Focaccia slices are a fantastic way to have a bit of fun as well. We are going to use a biga pre-ferment here which will add flavour and structure to our dough. It’s fairly straightforward to make too.


This focaccia can be eaten on its own, sliced in half and filled with a sandwich filling or stretched into a longer tray to be cut into slices and served as a starter to a meal. I love focaccia, it’s the perfect balance of elegance, flavour, and beauty. It personifies bread.

Pane Rustic (Italian Rustic Bread)

I have been in love with the Pane Cassericio for years, but I wanted to know if I could improve it somehow. I think with this recipe, I have! I'll give you a glimpse on how to use overnight fermentation in the fridge which adds more aroma to your bread.Take a look at this lesson and find out how and why I made a few tweaks to the recipe, even if you choose not to follow this one I hope you will learn lots.

Pain de Campagne

This bread has been commonly re-created outside of France but often, if not always, they come off pretty badly! This recipe should hope to end any negative thoughts about this bread, it’s truly fantastic.We are using a rye sourdough here. For a lighter taste replace the rye with white flour.

Petits Beignets (Little Doughnuts)

Doughnuts are a much loved treat and after making these you’ll never go back to buying them from the supermarket again! A fairly simple dough, the hard part is kneading the tiny dough pieces into balls before the dough overproofs and becomes sticky!

Pane Marino

This sourdough bread is flavoured with fresh rosemary, extra virgin olive oil and a hint of honey. Often called a Pane Marino, It’s a bread that you will never forget. I still get asked about this one after 4 years of closing my previous bakery shop. The 00 flour combines with the sweetness of the honey giving a fresh, delicate flavour that combines with the rosemary to be truly amazing. Follow along, you will love it!

Caton Three Seed with Poolish

I remember how I designed this recipe years ago. Just after opening a bakery there were calls for a seeded bread from customers and staff. I had no recipe to adapt, nothing close. I copied and pasted a bakers formula, added the ingredients I wanted, and came up with a recipe. After the first trial bake, it was perfect.Since that day it was the most popular bread in the bakery, and the recipe was never changed. This bread uses a seed soaker and a poolish pre-ferment.

Starting A Rye Sourdough

In this lesson you'll learn how to start a rye sourdough, ready for a recipe further on.
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Advanced Bread Baking

These lessons put into practice many of the techniques covered in the previous modules. More complicated breads like brioche, ciabatta and baguettes challenge many bakers and here you will have your step by step guide to support you.

Authentic Ciabatta

This recipe shows how to make the perfect ciabatta, fantastic for sandwiches, panini and dipping in soup, Ciabatta is a relatively common these days, but real ciabatta bread like this one is hard to find unless you are lucky!Enjoy using a biga pre-ferment to give flavour, structure and aroma. Plus get to grips with proofing in a couche to support the shape of the bread.

Traditional Baguette With Poolish

aguettes are pretty common across the world yet traditional hand-molded ones like these are hard to come by in many areas. The baguette uses many different techniques and in my opinion are one of the most challenging artisan breads to make.The challenge is the molding and also the confidence in using a couche and let's not forget the peel as you remove the baguettes from the baking stone. Difficult as they are, the search to continue to improve your baguette quality is an enjoyable challenge than can go on forever! The challenge is the moulding and also the confidence in using a couche and the peel to bake straight on to the baking stone. Difficult as they are, the search to continue to improve your baguette quality is an enjoyable challenge than can go on for months!

Brioche Italiano

Brioche is one of the most recognised and celebrated bread in the world. Packed with flavour this style of brioche is more rich and flavourful than authentic French brioche. There are quite a few techniques used to make brioche, one of which is shaping brioche à tête. Fantastic fun, and absolutely delicious! Give this a go - you'll love it! This recipe is based on the French classic but it’s lighter, a bit more like the italian version.

Brioche Burger & Hotdog Rolls

How to make proper brioche-style burger buns on the fly. This is a great opportunity to troubleshoot common bread issues as I wrote and then made this recipe for the first time in this video. They turned out pretty good in the end!Soft and delicious, these are perfect for a burger or hotdog to go inside. By using less butter we have drastically reduced the cost of these baps making them more affordable to make, or sell. So strictly not brioche buns (a Frenchman might hit me!) these taste amazing and are great for entertaining!

Plumbed Fruit Loaf

This is a bread bread that always seems to be a success! We discover a fruit soaker for the first time and learn how to incorporate delicate ingredients into our bread making. This bread is amazing when toasted with chunks of butter smothered on top. This bread is “plumed” as in full of fruit, no there’s not any plum in it!! It’s based on an old style Lancashire plumb loaf. Soaking the fruit however gives this bread an amazing depth of flavour that’s hard to compare!!You could add a bit of sourdough to it and remove the yeast for even more flavour. A proper British tea time delight!