Accelerate Your Baking Journey With A bread Baking Course!!

Get started in baking bread, improve your bread baking or launch yourself into the baking industry with one of my free courses.

Accelerate Your Bread Journey
Today With A Baking Course!!

Get started in baking bread, improve your bread baking or launch yourself into the baking industry with one of my free courses.

Finally Rid yourself of mixed messages and learn Bread from an artisan baker

When trying to better your bread baking skills you'll hear -" do this, don't do that. Do that, don't do this. Do this and that, but you have to do something else... " Confusing isn't it? - & tiring!!

You'll be excited to know I've removed the problem of misinformation that happens when learning from different sources. Busby's Bakery School provides you everything you need to know about bread baking with 3 step-by-step courses.

The courses are designed to take you from a total novice to a fully fledged baker, ready to start your own bakery business in simple steps. We cover some simple, but delicious recipes at the start, this leads to more complicated and rewarding breads with many more stages near the end. There's also some of the most in-depth guides that explain what happens during the process of fermentation, autolyse and many other techniques! What's more if you sign up to the email list you'll be notified as soon as a new lesson becomes available.

The courses are completely FREE!!

You don't even need to give your email address if you don't want to, you can view the page, bookmark it in your web browser and come back to it as you wish. Easy!

All of the stages are well-detailed to allow you to understand how, and why we take the necessary steps we do in baking bread. This allows participants to become bakers instead of "recipes followers", which of course increases the chance of success in making a delicious bread. 

I've tried to make these courses as helpful as possible, but if you take one and are not fully satisfied, I'm always looking to improve, so send me your feedback or ask for further support and I'll be glad to assist.

It's easy to start, just select which course is right for you...

Sounds good, but will it work for me? 

Most people find that the more time they put in, the better their bread gets. Even after taking the first couple of lessons most participants gain a massive improvement in their bread. You'll notice that the lessons are structured so that you'll learn, practice, review and repeat with a twist. A list of topics included in each course follows.

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How To Make Bread Course

  • The stages of bread making
  • The equipment required for baking bread
  • The ingredients needed to make bread
  • A basic white dough recipe
  • Dough kneading techniques
  • Adding water to create steam in the oven
  • Understanding dough fermentation
  • Tuscan salt less flat bread recipe
  • Using fats and sweeteners in bread
  • How oven spring works
  • Extra soft bread rolls recipe
  • Getting started with making sourdough


The Artisan Baking Course

  • Understanding bakers percentages
  • Explanation of prefermented flour
  • One of my favourite recipes - Pane cassericio
  • The importance of temperature control
  • Petits beignets with creme patissiere filling
  • What is and how to do an autolyse
  • French baguette shaping and recipe
  • Traditional Italian focaccia recipe
  • Speciality Caton three-seed bread recipe
  • Baking bread with fruit
  • A detailed explanation of dough fermentation
  • An Italian super soft brioche recipe
  • Sourdough baguettes - The best tasting bread!!


Work in The Baking Industry Guide

  • Why would you want to work with bread?
  • Career paths in the bread industry
  • The 8 reasons why owning my own bakery was amazing
  • Getting qualifications in bread baking
  • How to start a bakery business
  • What is a micro bakery?
  • How to cost bread and sell for a profit

Customer stories

James Kai

James Kai

Fantastic course, I'm saddened that I've come to the end!!

Kirsten Chik

Kirsten Chik -

Gareth your bread is AMAZING!! I never thought I could make bread as good as this at home!!!

Jasmine H

Jasmine H -

I just wanted to say that you have a fantastic website and I really enjoyed following your baking course. Thanks a lot!