Busby's Bakery School

I Want To bake bread 24/7

Hi and welcome, this is the first blog post that I’ve written for the site. In fact, I’m writing this before I have created the site.

I can't wait for it, I'm desperate to share my journey in bread to the world.

See, I’m a baker at heart. I launched an Artisan Bakery, and received amazing reviews from local residents but, was forced to close it back in 2015 ( I made a load of other mistakes).  

I kinda put my love and passion to one side. Well, for a while.

But I still know how to bake quality bread!

It was last Christmas, 2016 when I decided to get out the mixing bowl for the first time in two years and give bread another go.

Having many relatives, or should I say my girlfriends (at the time) relatives to purchase presents for, I was kind of a loss for what to get them.

I didn’t want to get them another box of chocolates or packet of biscuits. I wanted to do something a bit more unique. A bit more personable.

So I delved into my old recipe folder, ordered some bakers flour, and got cracking on with making a batch of Panettone.

As soon as I started weighing the ingredients, my passion came back. I was jumping with excitement, I felt close to the person I was when I lived in whites (bakers uniform).

Back then was one of my happiest moments, I felt proud doing something creative- and active.

Panettone is not a simple bread recipe, but I love this! There'rs a complicated ingredient list, plus it uses many artisan techniques, they came out the oven, looking amazing.

I was really pleased- Still got it (I muttered).

Then like many other hobbies, I posted a cheeky Facebook pic, put the ingredients away, and forgot...

Six months later, things started to change. As the relationship broke off between my girlfriend and I, an old one got rekindled.

Baking bread.

Getting the itch to bake bread again

Three years on from closing the doors of my bakery, I still get repeated requests to start baking bread again. Even proposals to use someone else’s kitchen.

At first, I just banished these thoughts to the condemned. But as I struggled to find a worthy case study for my marketing business I remembered what made me truly happy, the art of baking bread.

And so I started thinking about the possibilities to bake bread in business, but in a way that wouldn’t kill me.

I didn't fancy working on my own at night and sleeping in the day. There's no fun in that, or end goal.

Hmmmn let me think...

Can I Start An Online Bakery?

The problem I have is the same as 3 years ago. There are very few people that wish to become bakers in my hometown. I know, I tried to hire many a time.

They would not show up, or if they did would not be the calibre of person that could actually bake. 

I trained a few, and whilst they could follow the process, they just were not good enough.

I did pay over the odds for a trained baker. He was fantastic.

However, we did clash a bit on some methods. He wasn't wrong, they were technically sound.

But the customers would always tell me there was a difference in my bakes, and they were superior.

That's just the bakers' way

There are many ways to bake bread, a baker gets trained, has a certain ethos, and then he often struggles to change to another way of working.  But if a person actually wants to bake, and I teach them how to do it, then....

Then they will absorb my ethos and great habits. But how to do that? How to find someone who wants to become an amazing baker.

And one who will work nights, on minimum wage in a small seaside town where the majority of youngsters move away once they hit school leaving age. 

This wasn't a problem that just I faced, when I ran the bakery in the towns main supermarket, I could not find anyone to apply to my baker positions! It sucked.

I could relocate and start a bakery elsewhere

This is possible however, I don't actually have any cash to get started, so I need to forget the idea of opening a bakery shop or wholesale business...

So maybe there is a way that I could get going as a baker again. But just online, I hit my best friend, Google, and started searching for anything bakery related.

My session then migrated to YouTube, and all of a sudden, it hit me.

Now back when I was starting to transition from a supermarket baker to an artisan, I spent hours and hours on YouTube trying to learn recipes and techniques that I could use in bread.

I just could not find a reliable source of information. There was not enough decent content which I could use.

My favourite, and pretty much sole resource was a website that I had to translate to English from Italian. It taught me loads about temperature, folding and all the scientific processes in baking bread.

I assumed that by now, in the digital information age, someone would have changed this? 

I expected there would be loads of online resources and "schools". But, to my amazement, there isn't.

This is what I can do!

An online bakery school, I can teach people through video how to bake proper bread. I want to be able to help the home baker, a professional baker, novice baker.... In fact, anyone that likes bread!

With my basic website and marketing skills, I think I could get it to an audience...

I can't wait to get started on this idea, dream, vision or whatever I should call it!

A Baking Plan

Today I started to plan out my video schedule, if you read my second post(I think), I said there was no real need to plan. Well after giving it some thought, I decided that a plan IS important!

I want to keep myself motivated so I have written out the breads I want to make next week. I don't want to have a bunny in the headlights moment!

Nothing complex, just a simple list of breads I should make, and what day I plan to do them.

Just a quick sidenote about this process-

You may notice the dates of these posts are daily yet, there is more time in between.


Well, I wrote these posts before I built the website. I have now built the site (well it's in draft number 1 mode).

Unfortunately, I can't post with previous dates on them, or maybe I can, but I don't know how!

So I am sat here on the sofa copying the text across from google docs that I wrote a few weeks ago, I thought I would just explain.

When it comes to posting the blogs, I could post them all for today's date (6th April) but, that would look messy on my site, and be hard for readers like you to locate them in any order. So I am automating the posts, one each day.

This is also going to help Google see that I post fresh content every day which will help my search rankings. In turn, there will be more chance of someone finding my site - probably how you found this!

So don't be alarmed at the pace I move, I'm quick, but not that quick.

There will be a few days gap in between these posts even if it is not displayed. 

Until I catch up with "real" time, then I will aim to post every day anyway.

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