Can I get an award for my bread?

On my mind sometimes it goes off on a little tangent I last night, off I went again. Sometimes this is my genius. Quite often, it can also be a downfall.

Either way my productivity and take away focus on the things I need to do but in this case, I think I’ve got a good idea.

I’m going to enter in the world bread awards.

Yes, I think my bread is good enough. It’s true, I’ve had many a person come up to me now remembering just how good the bakery was.

They tell me that they wanna buy it again, in some cases, demand it. But for the past few years, I’ve been a baker without a bakery.

Master skills, unused as I stack shelves in a supermarket. But what better than to focus my mind than to enter a competition.

I believe in my bread, it’s not a publicity stunt. I’ll be there to win.

It would be the perfect accolade to win an award, or even worse case just enter and take a look at what other successful bakers are doing.

The awards are held in September, perfect timing for me as I hope to be full time in this business by then.

There are many categories I can compete in, I did some research last night and off the top of my head there is British bread, Sourdough, Whole-grain breads, Ciabatta, and even a Tip-Tree products award.

I’m not quite sure what I could make for the last one, jam? Tea? Or possibly a Fruity tea bread.

The new Pane Casareccio that I’ve been developing is a definite entrant.

To enter, I will need to deliver the bread to a location in London in the mid-morning on the date of the competition, just one loaf for each entered category is required.

I could probably work the night before and drive it up myself.

It’s something to work towards, possibly a distraction, but a healthy one. I’ll start to build a shortlist over the summer and we’ll see where it leads.