Frequently Asked Questions

Find the answers to many of the questions asked about the bread baking course. If the answer to your question is not her then fill in your details in the form below and we'll get back to you.

If I have no previous baking experience is this learn to bake course suitable?

I have been a baker for a long time, is this bread baking course going to be relevant to me?

I only want to bake bread at home, is there any point in becoming a member of Busby's bakery school?

I've tried bread baking courses before and struggled to get good results, how is this different?

I'm hoping to learn more breads than the sales page describes, when will there be more recipes available?

the learn to bake course

Ever wondered what it's like to make an amazing sourdough? Ciabatta? Find out how to bake these and many more breads from across the world by becoming a student at the school. Click the button below to find out more...

I am on a budget, what equipment will I have to purchase for home baking?

I'm looking to open a bakery, is the content going to be relevant for me?

I only want to learn a few recipes, I do not think it's going to be a worthwhile expense/ use of my time?

I am having problems accessing the material, what can I do?

I have another question, how to I get in contact?