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The knowledge centre is the hub that contains many articles on bread and bread history. Mostly it's for those that enjoy a curiosity about all things bread, though you may learn some fascinating information that can be related to your bread baking story. I'm hoping these can help you, they have all been great fun researching and writing from my experiences. If you are bread crazy like me, you will love some of the topics in this section of the site.

Bread Basics

All of the articles from the How To Make Bread baking course, just without the step by step guide. These articles answer beginner baking questions so you can get started in baking bread.

Artisan Skills

If you already have the basic skills in bread making, here are the articles from the Artisan Baking Skills course plus a few others which show many tips and tricks that the pros use. Using these techniques will help you to improve your bread baking skills and make even better bread.


Do you have a bread baking issue that you want to solve? In the troubleshooting area you will find many solutions to your baking issues and ways to alter recipes which will transform the bread.

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