About The Bakery School

Busby's Bakery School was founded in early 2018. The Head Baker and Instructor  Gareth Busby has given training to many bakers to date, both at home and in the workplace. 

If you are a new home baker or an experienced professional, Gareth at Busby's Bakery School can train you to be an extremely qualified baker. With an extensive range of breads, baking styles, techniques and skills, we hope this site will one day be the best go-to bread resource on the net.

Bakery school

Whatever the knowledge a student of the school has previous, there's always something new that to learn in bread baking. We aim to build a community of  bakers who love baking bread.

About The Bakery School

Bread baking

Understanding the psychology of the original baker is one of the key reasons Gareth's training methods work and his breads surpass others.

To understand what the bakers had around them in each particular region or time frame when the original recipes were created is paramount to creating recipes.

The best place to learn how to bake bread

When first putting the plans together for the online course, the primary aim was to take a person through a journey of artisan baking. To do this Gareth had to teach everything artisan bread related. He couldn't leave anything out.

We want to give our students the whole picture in the bread making process. If you take the course, you'll understand how to approach any bread recipe in the future. You'll learn all the skills you will need to make amazing quality artisan bread.

Italian bread
Learning to bake bread

Who is the bakery school for?

Anyone looking to bake amazing bread is welcome, no matter if you have had any experience in baking or not. For new members, the lessons are relatively to the point, Gareth tries to keep things simple, so you'll be crafting amazing bread very, very quickly!

About Gareth Busby

It's in a commercial environment where he's established himself as a credible trainer for bakery students. Ten years of working as a supermarket bakery manager started his passion for artisan baking.

But it wasn't till the last few years that he really got a strong passion for quality and use of technique. For the previous years he openly reveals he wasn't interested in the role, merely using it as a step up to greater things inside the retail industry. 

About the bakery school

Gareth's route into baking bread

"Upon interview at my local supermarket I was told that they were going to put me in bakery. "Bakery?" I said, puzzled at their motivation. I had shown no excitement at working in the hot and stuffy environment to through around lumps of dough!

But that's were I ended up, and I ended up loving the experience!

The power of bread baking

One year I was invited to visit the bakery college which the business had just opened. I went in feeling extremely over qualified after already having years of experience as a baker amongst a group of new recruits.

But the week opened my eyes in to what was possible with bread quality. if you push to achieve the best conditions at each stage of the baking process, you get better bread.

Beautiful bread display

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"Teaching people to bake quality artisan bread. From home

 enthusiasts  to commercial bakers, Busby's Bakery   

   School will improve your baking."

"Teaching people to bake quality  artisan bread.

From home enthusiasts  to commercial bakers, Busby's Bakery School will improve your baking."

 I was in love with baking and there was no going back!

Busbys bakery school

I think it was the reward of producing something with my hands that made me fall in love wit baking. No matter who I spoke to, they were impressed with what I could do. Being a baker started to make be very proud.

Working in a team was extremely rewarding as well, I just loved the atmosphere and still do!!

Busby's bakery school

Then started the challenging road of launching a bakery

I was using much simpler recipes than I use these days, however I developed a passion for doing things right. This mentality was later expanded.

A few years later it became possible to fulfil my lifetime ambition, to own my own business. 

Busby's Artisan Bakery & Cafe

After a year of late night planning, decorating and testing, after taking a week's course at the school of artisan food, Busby's Bakery & Cafe was open for trade. 

It went off to a fantastic start but then problem after problem mounted up and it was necessary to close suddenly. I quickly made a half-ditched plan to run a wholesale bakery but it quickly became un-hinged as the building I had hired became unsuitable.

Learn bread baking
Bread baking

...and starting again after it closed

Not everything was lost though, after this time I wrote a book about the experience which you can find on amazon.

I needed to find a way back into baking bread, 2 years on I was still getting stopped in the street or phones with demands of where can I buy your bread! 

Getting back to baking bread

I looked for a way to return to baking in a way to enable me to share my knowledge in bakery and business, so launched Busby's Bakery School.

I recalled how stuck I was when I wanted to learn artisan baking. Remembering how I had no idea how to get a good bakery set up at home. I wanted this so that I could  practice baking bread. I decided to give away my recipes and create the ultimate bread baking course.

Busby's bakery school
online bread baking course

Busby's Bakery School

I launched the bakery school as I wanted to give back to the industry I was so proud of being a part of. I'm passionate about teaching my skills and I really don't mind sharing every secret I have. I hope everyone likes the bread baking school and we have lots of active members!"

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