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A break from baking, and​ the countryside is amazing!

For most of the days this past month, my thoughts have been about bread. Either about recipes or simply doing the deed in the physical sense.

But there comes a point also where tasting bread constantly, multiplied with bread-based troubleshooting can get too much. Not just mentally, it’s not great for the healthy balanced diet I promised myself I would sustain.

I am one for keeping fit I tend to jog, pull out the dumbbells or bike along the sea most days. But when I’m in baking mode, find it hard.

Yes it is physical, lifting bags of flour and kneading my hand is especially on the muscles, but it doesn’t really do much for the cardiovascular system. 

And sometimes a brisk walk is what’s needed. Today, my body was crying out for one. I needed some fresh air and a change of scenery.

So I ventured out (first in my car) to a hamlet, just north of Worthing. The area is new to me, so perfect for a nice country walk.

It was great. I love the fresh air, the smells, the views, and that in the country, everyone you walk past says “hello.” 

It just doesn’t happen in rural areas, but an expectation in these parts.

The family farm in rural North Wales is where my Grandmother (“Nain” in Welsh). When visiting her, I’m always fascinated that everybody waves everyone as they drive past them, it’s a nice tradition, one forgotten in modern times.

So after this breath of fresh air, I’m energised and ready to get on with some more work this evening. “Walking, we will meet again!”