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A bakers holiday

The never ending but hopefully ending story of my oven has lead me to take a bakers holiday. No heat was coming from the bottom of the oven so I ordered a new element to replace the old.

Hopefully it’ll work the first time and I’ll be able to write a post on how to fix an oven which I’ll link it here if/when I have.

It’s taken about 3 weeks from ordering it, for it to arrive in stock, be sent and then after the first one was damaged in transit, the same process had to happen for its replacement. It’s taken a while! I will attempt to fit it tomorrow eek!

So a bakers holiday it has been. I do like to take breaks from working on the bakery. It's important to see the world and change your outlook for a little while.

It’s quite frustrating to try and bake in broken oven, if you know that’s the only oven you’ve got, then you just learn to deal with it. You learn how to get the best out of it by baking again and again…

During this period I knew the oven will be 100 times better once its repaired. I just can’t find the motivation to bake a substandard loaf.

So I haven’t.

My sourdough starter has sat in the fridge, ready to be revived very soon. There’s going to be a few blog posts coming soon, long ones that really share a great skill. 

They’re going to go through a bit of design work when I’ve got more patience.

Catch up soon.

Let’s hope the fix an oven post can be written tomorrow!